Monday, June 6, 2016

What Is A TENS Unit And How Does It Work?

What Is a TENS Unit Usually Used For?

Usually, TENS therapy is most effective for internal pain that is concentrated in a specific area of the body. This form of electrotherapy tends to target pain areas including:

Stiff joints (knees, hips, ankles, wrists, etc.)
Post-surgical pain
Sore muscles, including after a hard workout
Labor pain in pregnant women
TENS machines are not meant to treat pain such as: skin abrasions, rash, sunburn, cuts, bruises, sore throat, headache, etc. However, when used as directed for the correct types of pain, they can provide incredible relief, allowing people who are normally physically inhibited by pain to move around freely and comfortably throughout the day.

Unlike many prescription pain drugs (most of which are narcotics), TENS units are non-addictive, completely safe, and do not use chemicals of any kind in the body. This makes them ideal for people who have difficulty stomaching prescription medicines, or who simply wish to avoid taking any drugs altogether. They are also a great solution for people who need pain relief throughout the day, since they can be worn discretely underneath clothing if desired, and left on for hours at a time.

Side effects associated with using TENS units are scarce. It is possible that some people could experience a bit of skin irritation from the glue of the adhesive pads, but this is very rare. In the event of light muscle soreness from overuse, it's advised to simply adjust the setting to a lower frequency level, or relocate the electrodes to a different part of the body for a day or two. Using the machines as instructed and following all steps properly usually prevents both overuse and soreness of any kind.

What Are the Additional Benefits of TENS Therapy?:

Not only do TENS machines work to intercept the body's pain signals, they also provide a few additional benefits that can help to increase comfort and mobility:

Firstly, the sensation felt when using them is similar to that of a massage. Many people find this aspect of TENS therapy to be extremely relaxing and comforting.

Treatment increases blood flow to the affected area, which can help to promote healing through proper circulation of blood cells.

During TENS therapy, the body releases endorphins, which are natural chemicals found in the body that actually increase the overall feeling of well-being and happiness. The same endorphins are released, for example, when eating certain foods like chocolate, or after performing a satisfying workout.

Lastly, TENS machines can also help to improve muscle tone through the stimulation of the muscle fibers in the targeted area, such as the abdominal region. Some TENS units have a specific setting that is intended to be used as a muscle-toning "workout." It is not meant as a way to lose weight, but it can help to increase muscle definition to a degree.
Are TENS Units Safe for Everyone to Use?

Although there aren't usually any serious side effects associated with the use of TENS units, it's important to use them as instructed in order to have the maximum benefit. People who use pacemakers, pregnant women who are not yet in labor, and young infants should not use TENS units, unless directed to do so by a doctor or certified medical professional.

Up until somewhat recently, TENS units were only available with a doctor's prescription. However, Endurance Therapeutics released the Aurawave, the first TENS unit to be cleared by the FDA for at-home use without the need for a prescription. This has the potential to change the face of TENS unit technology, allowing more people access to the use of TENS machines and enjoy safe, instant pain relief.

Many people like to be able to try TENS therapy to see how it works for them, and Aurawave is also a leader in the market by offering a month-long, $15 trial with a money-back guarantee. This is proving to be quite popular, since it allows patients to enjoy pain relief for a low cost with no financial risk. The price to purchase the Aurawave to keep is also one of the lowest on the market, making it an affordable solution, especially when compared to the alternative of constantly replacing prescription pain pills on a monthly or yearly basis.

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